Monday, July 13, 2015

2 of Hooshang's works dispayed at Idaho museum

Two of Hooshang's landscapes from his national park series are on display at the Art Museum of Eastern Idaho in an exhibition that runs from June 30 to Aug. 8. On the left is "Valley of Green"; on the right, "Petals and Peaks," both 24x24 inches acrylic on canvas.

Monday, July 6, 2015

'Art Unites Communities' included Native American portraits by Hooshang

Two Native American portraits from Hooshang Khorasani's personal collection were displayed at the Attleboro, Massachusetts, Arts Museum in the show "Art Unites Communities" from April 11 to May 9.

"It has long been understood that visual art can transcend cultural boundaries and is in fact a universal form of human expression," a statement from museum officials said. "In 'Art Unites Communities' artists from all corners present their work side-by-side to honor the unifying force of visual creativity."

The collection of visual and folk artists' work celebrated heritage, cultural experience, native language and points of view. Selected work was displayed as one community of visual expressions, museum officials said.

In connection with the show, a mask-making workshop was also held, facilitated by artist Sandy Coleman

Hooshang's paintings in the show were "Buffalo Hump, Comanche," 26x33 inches, and "Big Tree, Young Kiowa Chief," 24x29 inches. Both are acrylic-mixed media on paper.

The works are part of a series of Native American portraits that Hooshang painted after traveling throughout the West and Southwest and after a study of their lifestyle and history.

Limited-edition prints from the Native American series are available from Hooshang Studio, 1001 Cedar Creek Road, Ruston.

These two paintings by Hooshang Khorasani were part of "Art Unites Communities" at a Massachusetts' museum. They are "Buffalo Hump, Comanche" and "Big Tree, Young Kiowa Chief."