Friday, December 12, 2008

Hooshang's work in 'New Art International'

For the second time in the last several months, Hooshang's work is featured in an art book.

"New Art International," published in New York by Book Art Press, is scheduled for a December release and is to be available in more than 450 Barnes and Noble stores and over 400 Borders bookstores in addition to many other chains, independents, museums and art supply stores. The volume spotlights four pages of what Hooshang calls his "lady paintings."

Other national distributors are Ingram Periodicals, CMG, Hearst/Conde-Nast, IPD, CLC, The News Group, Kent News, Speedimpex and Disticor.

Concerning Hooshang's lady series, the San Francisco-based Visualize publishing firm, which published several of the images earlier, wrote:

"His women are mysterious femme fatales with lithe arms and faces veiled in shadows. (They) are rendered in rich, earthy tones against cool backgrounds, creating context without distraction. (With) these fluid, sensuous works … you'll discover that each time you look at them, you'll find something new."

This publication of Hooshang's work follows another from the fall – "The New Faces of Art," published by Artnow International Corp. in Florida. Hooshang's equine series was featured there. That volume can be found at selected book stores, Web sites such as and, and art fairs around the world. Hooshang's work was selected to be used in connection with the book's advertising. (See related photos in Oct. 27 post below.)

The photo with this post shows one of the pages from the book.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Hooshang announces 3 Open Art Studio dates

Hooshang will begin a series of monthly Open Studio events starting Saturday, Dec. 13. The reason is two-fold:

• During the North Central Louisiana Arts Council Holiday Arts Tour, meeting and interacting with the public was so much fun that Hooshang is seeking to continue the open-house concept.
• If anyone missed the Arts Tour, Hooshang doesn't want them to miss out on the unique art available in his studio, especially during the holidays.

"Art is always a good purchase – and also a good present," he said. "As the saying goes, 'Art is food for the soul.'

"The earlier Arts Tour provided a time for people to purchase art not only for themselves, but also for others. This is just one more way that we are inviting the public into our home in order to do that."

At this time Hooshang is also planning an Open Studio for Jan. 17 and Feb. 7. These events will be either the first, second or third Saturday of the month, depending on how the calendar and holidays fall.

On Open Studio days, visitors can drop by any time between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. Of course, Hooshang Studio – at 1001 Cedar Creek Road in Ruston – is also open by appointment throughout the year.

Both original art and prints are available. The prints range from $35 to $75 and originals from $150 to $3,500. A plethora of subjects are available: abstract, florals, landscapes, equine studies, female figures and still lifes. Hooshang works in acrylic and mixed media on canvas, paper and board.

And Hooshang's work comes with a guarantee: Buy art for Christmas, and your heart will grow three sizes … immediately!

For more information, call (318) 255-9368 or send an e-mail to You can also view Hooshang's other Web pages by clicking on the links in the right-hand column of this blog.

As a postscript to this posting, here are a couple of articles that the local media ran about our first Open Studio of this winter season. You can read them by clicking on the images.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Hooshang Studio / Hooshang Khorasani part of 2008 Holiday Arts Tour

An article that highlighted the latest activities concerning Hooshang's artwork appeared this week in The Ruston Daily Leader. A big thanks to reporter Monica Crowe for a job well-done.

You can read the story by clicking on the image below.

The front-page article appeared as part of a series on the 2008 Holiday Arts Tour, an event sponsored annually by the North Central Louisiana Arts Council. Hooshang has participated in this tour since 1999.

Please mark Saturday and Sunday, Nov. 15-16, as the dates that you can "tour" the area and see the work of more than 75 local artists in 25 locations. A new aspect this year is that if you get your passbook stamped by each participating artist, your name can be entered into a drawing for one of three original artworks donated by the tour artists.

Hooshang Studio is easy to find -- at 1001 Cedar Creek Road in Ruston. Look for the gray wooden house with lots of angles and a big red abstract sculpture in the front yard.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Online Auction Open! Live Auction Event Coming Soon!

Here is a portion of the page from the Attleboro Arts (Mass.) Museum's 2008 benefit auction in which I am participating. The art to the left is being used as a graphic on the page; an except from the page's text is included below....

"The online portion of 17th Benefit Art Auction is now open. The auction will run from October 10, 2008 to November 12, 2008, with the live event taking place on November 15, 2008. Let the bidding begin!

We invite you to sit back, relax, grab your favorite beverage and BROWSE through over $50,000 of donated original art. Starting right now, you can be a part of this fun-filled fund-raiser from the comfort of your own home or office, even if you can't attend the live auction in Attleboro on November 15th."

Click here to see the entire page.

Monday, October 27, 2008

'The New Faces of Art' spotlights Hooshang Khorasani

Hooshang's equine work will be featured in the most recent and upcoming book from Artnow International Corp., "The New Faces of Art." The volume will be found at selected book stores, Internet sites and art fairs around the world.

The above photograph shows one of the company's advertisements concerning the book.

You can view their Web site at

Hooshang Khorasani exhibits in 'The Art of the Horse'

One of Hooshang's latest exhibits was at the 9th annual New Jersey Equine Artists' Association show, "The Art of the Horse," from Sept. 14 to Oct. 25, 2008.

The national juried exhibit included both paintings and sculpture at the Johnson Gallery at Somerset Art Association.

NJEAA director, Sheila Barnes, said, "New Jersey’s state animal is the horse, and as such this spot is a hotbed of folks interested in this wonderful animal. The show is always a success as that group turns out in full force." Founded in 1999, NJEAA promotes equine art and artists in New Jersey. Through invitational and national juried shows and workshops, the group generates interest in equine art among art lovers, horse enthusiasts and the general public.

Hooshang's painting "Equine Exuberance" was chosen for the show postcard (see above).

"Art of the Horse" exhibition in the Johnson Gallery at Somerset Art Association in Bedminster, N.J. -- submitted photo