Friday, December 12, 2008

Hooshang's work in 'New Art International'

For the second time in the last several months, Hooshang's work is featured in an art book.

"New Art International," published in New York by Book Art Press, is scheduled for a December release and is to be available in more than 450 Barnes and Noble stores and over 400 Borders bookstores in addition to many other chains, independents, museums and art supply stores. The volume spotlights four pages of what Hooshang calls his "lady paintings."

Other national distributors are Ingram Periodicals, CMG, Hearst/Conde-Nast, IPD, CLC, The News Group, Kent News, Speedimpex and Disticor.

Concerning Hooshang's lady series, the San Francisco-based Visualize publishing firm, which published several of the images earlier, wrote:

"His women are mysterious femme fatales with lithe arms and faces veiled in shadows. (They) are rendered in rich, earthy tones against cool backgrounds, creating context without distraction. (With) these fluid, sensuous works … you'll discover that each time you look at them, you'll find something new."

This publication of Hooshang's work follows another from the fall – "The New Faces of Art," published by Artnow International Corp. in Florida. Hooshang's equine series was featured there. That volume can be found at selected book stores, Web sites such as and, and art fairs around the world. Hooshang's work was selected to be used in connection with the book's advertising. (See related photos in Oct. 27 post below.)

The photo with this post shows one of the pages from the book.

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