Thursday, November 18, 2010

2 of Hooshang's works to become part of museum's permanent collection

Two of Hooshang's works on paper will be added to Lake Eustis Museum of Art's permanent collection. Leading up to that, the paintings will be exhibited in the Florida museum's "Paperworks 4 Me II" exhibit that runs from Dec. 10 through Jan. 16.

The paintings – "Through the Glass Darkly" (above, left) and "Window Glance" – are part of Hooshang's "Window Series." They are mixed media on paper; each measures 22x28 inches.

The artist statement concerning this series is:

"The subject of this work is a beautiful, mysterious woman – the lady that you see always, everywhere, but you don’t know her. With her face in the shadow, her identity is only partly disclosed. I like to think that each time that a viewer looks at my paintings, there will be something new for them to see. With my work, I seek to find the energy and inner life within my subjects without fully revealing them. I try, as it were, to unveil the mysteries and the beauties of the world around me."

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