Sunday, January 18, 2015

Home décor field fancies Hooshang's artwork, ups number of his products

The work of Ruston artist Hooshang Khorasani is flourishing in the home décor market. Products offered by his latest publisher have surged from three landscapes on illuminated canvases to around 200 items ranging from towels and pillows to laptop sleeves and artistic slates.

Dianoche Designs – based in Colorado – began working with Hooshang in late 2012 with three of his landscape paintings on pieces of art that double as lights. Now, Dianoche has added Hooshang's abstract, equine, floral and digital work as well.

New products include sheets, duvet covers, blankets, placemats, cutting boards, bath rugs, shower curtains, and smartphone and tablet computer cases. Other items will be added in the future.

"Dianoche is transforming the view in home décor with very artistic, heart-warming, cheerful images for every corner of the house," Hooshang said. "Now, for example, when you open the door to get to the shower, you have an opportunity to see a nice landscape with a waterfall, a bright bouquet of flowers, an energetic galloping horse or a colorful abstract. Dianoche is making 'Home Sweet Home' comfier than ever. What's more, they're helping you to carry your art wherever you go."

Other benefits are also present. "If you're running low on wall space, now you can add artistic touches from real, contemporary paintings to many other areas of your home," Hooshang said. "And if you're looking for art-related pieces with a smaller price tag than the original art itself, this could be your answer – both for yourself and for those on your gift-giving list."

Dianoche ships worldwide. More information can be found at

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